Kids Soccer Scrimmages

Scrimmage Games

  • 8-10 Week Series
  • Small-Sided Games
  • 60-75 Mins Sessions (By Location)
  • Maximize Touches & Goals
  • Learn Teamwork & Problem-Solving
  • Further Develop On-Field Skills & Love of the Game


What we offer in Scrimmage Games!

This 60-75 minute weekly session can be an individual program or the perfect addition to your weekly classes. Take your skills from the class to the field!

Our Scrimmage Games are an opportunity for players to continue their soccer learning through guided play. In addition to specific technical skills, players will learn teamwork, effort, focus, and problem-solving. Playing in a game setting will help further develop your soccer star’s on-field skills and love of the game.
Games will be small sided (3v3, 4v4) to maximize touches, skill development and GOALS!
Limited weekend spaces are available at select locations – just look for the Scrimmage Games logo.


Some commonly asked questions
about Scrimmage Games!

Why Scrimmage Games?

Scrimmage Games are an opportunity for players to come and just play soccer. We feel the game is the best coach and our Scrimmage Games allow players to practice the skills they have been learning in our Super Soccer Stars classes.

What is Scrimmage Games?

We play 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 to allow maximum touches on the ball and more goals. Our professional coaches oversee games, however, they keep coaching instructions to a minimum. Using teaching moments in the game, coaches ask discovery questions to help players develop. This is an opportunity for players to just play the game and have fun.


As well as soccer development, our coaches strive to educate players on the power of always working hard, getting outside their comfort zone, being coachable, humility, playing with class, and being a good teammate.

Is there a certain skill level my child needs to be at to participate?

All skill levels are welcome to participate.

How old does my child have to be to participate?

We offer Scrimmage Games for ages 4-12 years old (varies by Location).

How long are the sessions?

Depending on the location, the total duration is 60-75 minute sessions.

This is broken down into 15-30 minutes of skill warm-ups and then 45 minutes of games lasting 15 minutes per game. There will be time for players to take a break over the session.

Do I need any equipment for my child to participate?

Players should bring a ball, water bottle, and the 2 x pinnies we provide each player with.

Do you keep score?

No, we do not keep track of the score of the games. As soccer educators we know that the score does not tell the full story – a team can win and play poorly. Moreover, we encourage players to try new skills, express themselves, work hard and learn from mistakes. Even though we are not keeping score, our coaches will challenge players to be the best they can be.

Do you offer skill classes?

Yes! We offer a year-round program of age-appropriate, curriculum-based skill classes. Players are encouraged to work on their skills in a class with one of our professional coaches and then try to use them in the Scrimmage Games.
Learn about our skills classes HERE!

Do you have development programs and travel programs for more competitive level soccer?

Yes! Depending on your region, our Soccer Stars United program offers both a development program and a competitive travel program.

Learn More about Soccer Stars United HERE.

Is Scrimmage Games Coed?

We currently offer only coed options.

Will the same coach teach my child every week?

We strive for consistency with our coaching. There is always the potential for a coaching change based on conflicts, but the goal is to make sure you have the same coach week in, week out to make the experience the best for all. COVID-19: Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, coaching consistency is not always in our control at this time and we will do our best to communicate changes, if any, in advance as this is more common during this time period.

How do I check to see if my Scrimmages Games session is going to be cancelled due to weather or local safety protocols?

If you have not already received outreach from us via Phone, SMS or Email to confirm cancellation you can check our Text Weather Hotline. Simply message the 1 or 2 digit number associated with your region to (201) 957-0212 for an immediate update. If you do not know the regional code number, simply text HELP and you will be provided with the list. This is an autogenerated text. If you need to reach the Customer Advocate Team, please go to Contact Us for more information

Will someone from Soccer Stars contact me if there is a weather cancellation?

Our team will make every effort to determine the status of class two hours before the scheduled start time, based on available forecasts. Please keep in mind, we do run classes in drizzly weather and light rain, so make sure to prepare for any and all weather conditions when getting ready to head to class. Occasionally we will cancel classes with short notice or while class is in progress, as safety is our first priority at all times. If we know bad weather is imminent the day before, we will reach out in advance of the class and work with you on scheduling a make up class.

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